The Prairie Village Campaign is an on-going game for the 4th Edition of Dungeons & Dragons, drawing on a wide range of official source material.

The eccentric historian Douven Staul of Fallcrest is known for getting young people into trouble. Staul has long been in the habit of recruiting enthusiastic youngsters with a sense of adventure from across the Nentir Vale to help track down various artifacts, documents, and secrets long buried in the ruins that remain after the fall of the empire of Nerath.

Staul recently sent a new team of explorers on a quest to learn the secret behind the power of the long dead Bandit King of Harken.

In their adventures, the companions have learned that dark forces are at work, and not everything in the Vale is as it seems.

Join Staul’s proteges on their adventures in Episode 3-11—Kobolds Make Nasty Traps

The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

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