The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-10: Pursuit Into the Gardbury Downs

"Grant me swift feet, for my enemies grow wings."

Adventuring Party (Level 3)
Nuriel: Deva Invoker of Bahamut
Galanthal: Elven Ranger/Cleric of Pelor
Amarth: Human Paladin/Fey-Pact Warlock
Sten: Gnome Bard
Gertrude: Goliath Battlemind
Nexis: Warforged Swordmage

Photos of the session

  • The party chooses to move away from the burning, collapsing building while they investigate the locked chest.
  • Nexis sees the burning building from the King’s Road.
  • He enters the Clive family farmstead, passing the heads impaled near the front gate.
  • Nexis approaches the party.
  • The adventurers see that Nexis wears an exotic mark on his forehead.
  • Nexis addresses the party, asking for an explanation of apparent events.
  • The party convinces Nexis that they are not responsible for the death of the Clive family.
  • While the conversation is occurring, Galanthal rides out to the road to see which direction Nexis came from. Determining that he came from the west, the ranger returns to the party.
  • The adventurers explain that they have been battling zombies and hobgoblins disguised as zombies.
  • Nexis tells them that he too is on a mission to combat these evil creatures.
  • Galanthal asks where Nexis comes from, and he explains he came from Winterhaven, to the west.
  • He asks if he can join the party, and they agree.
  • Galanthal tells the adventurers that a small group of three or four of their enemies left the main group at the Clive family farmstead and continued on down the King’s Road.
  • Sten suggests that Gertrude don the cloak the party took off the hobgoblin commander, and she complies.
  • The party begins to dig graves for the remainder of the Clive family, while Sten turns his attention to the chest.
  • He realizes the chest might be trapped.
  • Since the hobgoblins have already demonstrated the ability to use fire traps, the resulting explosion might damage the contents of the chest and cause injury.
  • Sten examines the chest, and understands that any trap inside the chest cannot be disarmed as long as the chest is locked.
  • Looking at the lock, he realizes there is no keyhole and it cannot be picked. Rather, it is a puzzle lock that must be opened by solving the puzzle.
  • Sten determines the mechanism behind the puzzle, opens the lock, finds the trap and disarms it.
  • When he opens the chest, he finds the flask of alchemist’s fire which powered the trap, as well as the head of Leticia Clive.
  • Maniacal laughter emanates from the air around the adventurers.
  • Sten realizes that the entire episode at the Clive Family residence was intended to delay any pursuers, while a few remaining commandos made their escape down the King’s Road.
  • The adventurers finish burying the remains of the Clives, with the exception of the charred bodies that still smoke within the ruins of the farmhouse and it’s front porch.
  • Nuriel says a few words over the deceased.
  • Nexis takes possession of the flask of Alchemist’s fire.
  • Nuriel examines the helmet the party has recoverd, identifying it as the Helm of Alain the Just.
  • He places it upon his head.
  • The party begins its pursuit of the remaining commandos.
  • They track the group of three hobgoblins to a flat-topped hill in the Gardbury Downs.
  • Ascending carefully to the summit, they find tracks leading to the middle of the small plateau, where they discover a large number of additional tracks.
  • The tracks on the hilltop belong to the hobgoblins, as well as to more than one large, three-toed beast (which apparently did not come up the side of the hill, and did not go down when they left.)
  • Sten identifies the tracks as belonging to the skinwing behemoth.
  • Hobgoblins are master beast trainers, and the flying skinwings often serve as war mounts and transportation.
  • Sten concludes that the hilltop was the ariel extraction point for the hobgoblin commandos.
  • When the party assesses the situation, Nexis explains that he now has enough information to report back to his lord, who is staying in Winterhaven.
  • As the party was headed in that direction anyway, they agree to accompany him.
  • It is early evening, and the group determines that they can make it to Winterhaven before sleeping that night.
  • They press on down the King’s Road.
  • As they approach Winterhaven, the road passess between two large rock outcroppings with boulders scatters across the top.
  • Galanthal notices movement among the boulders, and senses that the party is being watched from the foliage that grows near the road.
  • He calls on the party and rest, and then quietly informs his companions that they are being watched.
  • Nuriel enters the trees near the road, and surprises a kobold hiding in the undergrowth.
  • The kobold springs up, short sword and shield in hand.
  • The adventurers surge into battle.



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