The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-12: Interlude in Winterhaven

"Where in the world is Douven Staul?"

Adventuring Party (Level 4)
Nuriel: Deva Invoker of Bahamut
Galanthal: Elven Ranger/Cleric of Pelor
Amarth: Human Paladin/Fey-Pact Warlock
Sten: Gnome Bard
Gertrude: Goliath Battlemind
Nexis: Warforged Swordmage

Photos of the session

  • The adventurers seek out Wrafton’s Inn around midnight.
  • Nexus excuses himself to report to his superior.
  • The rest of the party retires to rooms at Wrafton’s.
  • In the morning, Nexis rejoins the group at breakfast, with word that his superior would like them to investigate unusual happenings north of Winterhaven.
  • Nexis also tells his companions that a sinister-looking group was seen traveling near Winterhaven from the southeast the day before.
  • While the group is eating, Salvana Wrafton approaches Sten and asks if he is working with Douven Staul.
  • When she learns that Sten has not seen Douven recently, she lets him know that she is worried about the scholar.
  • Two days ago, Douven was present in Wrafton’s when three shady-looking men approached and began to visit with him.
  • Douven became very animated during this conversation, and began talking excitedly about something called “Drax Arcanus.”
  • Sten knows that the Drax Arcanus was a legendary dragon of the Nentir Vale who had a great fascination with magic.
  • Long ago, when the Drax Arcanus died, he was buried with his most precious magical treasures. No one has ever found his tomb.
  • The adventurers contemplate whether they should first seek out Douven Staul, or investigate the unsettling events to the north.
  • They elect to run some errands in Winterhaven before deciding on a course of action.
  • First, they pay a visit to the dwarven smith and weapons merchant Thair Coalstriker, to obtain a greatbow for Galanthal.
  • While talking with the smith, Amarth asks where he might obtain a holy symbol sacred to Sehanine.
  • Thair tells him to ask Sister Linora, the priestess who tends to Winterhaven’s small temple.
  • The group leaves Thair, and stops to purchase a couple of items for Sten at “Bairwin’s Grand Shoppe.”
  • Next, they call upon the tower of the sage Valthrun, so Nuriel can ask him about the “Ritualia Draconis Chryonica.”
  • Nuriel learns the tome is part of a series of learned volumes containing knowledge and rituals related to various types of dragons. The “Chryonica” is dedicated to the white wyrms. Valthrun has heard of this book, but has never seen a copy.
  • Nuriel offers to let Valthrun copy the book. The sage is extremely eager to do so.
  • When the party learns, however, that it will take Valthrun a week to copy the book, they decide to return and let him do so at a later time.
  • They also ask Valthrun about Douven Staul and the Drax Arcanus.
  • Valthrun says he has seen Douven in Winterhaven recently, but not in the past couple of days.
  • He also tells the party that one of the possible locations of the tomb of the Drax Arcanus is rumored to be southwest of town.
  • The sage acknowledges that if Douven has discovered a clue to the whereabouts of the tomb, he will be fanatical about finding it.
  • Amarth asks Valthrun if he has a ritual to heal his wrenched back. Valthrun indicates he knows of such a ritual, but does not have access to it himself.
  • Nexis asks if Valthrun would be willing to sell any creation rituals, and the sage asks 175 gold each for “Enchant Magic Item” and “Transfer Enchantment.”
  • The adventurers leave the tower and go to the temple of Winterhaven.
  • The door to the temple stands open in welcome to all who would enter.
  • The temple contains altars for the veneration of several commonly-worshipped deities, including Bahamut, Avandra, and Sehanine.
  • The altars are unattended—no one is present in the temple.
  • Nuriel takes time to pray at the altar of Bahamut. He thanks the Platinum Dragon for the guidance he has already received, and asks for continued guidance in the future.
  • Amarth elects to seek out the priestess somewhere in Winterhaven.
  • The group makes their way to the thatched hovels clustered outside the walls of the town.
  • They ask several peasants if they have seen Sister Linora. The peasants point them to a small hut where the priestess is handing out a bundle of food to a poor family.
  • Amarth asks Sister Linora if she might have a holy symbol of Sehanine.
  • The priestess takes the group back to the temple and provides Amarth with a fairly crude wooden symbol she retrieves from a trunk in her sleeping chambers.
  • Amarth makes a small donation to the temple in exchange for the holy symbol.



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