The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-15: The Rescue of Douven Stahl

Fools rush in... ;)

Adventuring Party (Level 4)
Nuriel: Deva Invoker of Bahamut
Galanthal: Elven Ranger/Cleric of Pelor
Amarth: Human Paladin/Fey-Pact Warlock
Sten: Gnome Bard
Gertrude: Goliath Battlemind

Photos of the session

  • Alerted by the noise of Sten and Amarth in the undergrowth, goblin sharpshooters hidden in the trees fire on the companions. A small crossbow bolt misses Galanthal, but Amarth is hit.
  • Using the new longbow he got from the blacksmith Coalstriker, Galanthal takes out the sniper nearest his location.
  • The robed and hooded figure who handed over the golden object when the characters first arrived suddenly shudders and stands up straight. A faint black mist seeps from the hood and sleeves of the robe.
  • The figure extends a wizened hand which seems to be surrounded by some sort of dark nimbus. He makes an upward grasping gesture in the direction of Galanthal. Dark tendrils rise up from the ground and seize the elf in their clutches. A sickly cold sensation pervades the ranger’s limbs.
  • Gertrude hurls her shield at the remaining sharpshooter. The weapon slices his skull. He falls partway down the tree in which he was hiding and hangs in the branches.
  • One of the rage drakes attempt to climb the steep slope at the edge of the excavation so it can get at Amarth, Gertrude and Nuriel. The bank is too steep, however, and the large creature slides back to the bottom.
  • The four men-at-arms advance on Galanthal and Sten.
  • Amarth lays his curse upon one of the drakes.
  • The halfling draws a hand crossbow, steps between the two walking husks which were once living dogs, and fires at Galanthal, hitting him. The elf feels light-headed has he pulls the bolt from his flesh, and he realizes the tip was poisoned.
  • The halfling tries to hold back the dogs, but they ignore him and advance on Amarth.
  • The undead ogre near Douven Stahl turns and scrambles up the embankment. It is unable to navigate the steep grade, but the attempt causes part of the slope to collapse, burying Douven under piles of earth and rock.
  • The adventurers realize they must act quickly if they are to save Douven from suffocation.
  • Galanthal manages to free himself from the shadowy tendrils and fight off the effects of the poisoned bolt.
  • Nuriel holds forth the mace given to him by Amarth. A shiny crystalline sphere hurtles into the midst of the two rage drakes and shatters in to a myriad of tiny, brilliant shards. The drakes are struck by a shower of fragments, throwing them into a frenzy of pain and confusion.
  • The furious drakes advance upon the adventurers, but they move slowly due to their injuries.
  • Amarth calls forth eldritch power which hides him from the sight of the nearest undead dog.
  • Unable to see Amarth, the dog bites Gertrude instead. She feels the cold of death in her flesh as she pulls away from its jaws.
  • The undead ogre succeeds in climbing to the top of the embankment, takes up a position overlooking the battlefield, and beings hurling small boulders at the adventurers.
  • Galanthal, Nuriel and Sten realize that if Doven Stahl dies, they will lose one of their few sources of information about what is going in in Winterhaven.
  • Nuriel runs and leaps from the top edge of the excavation, lands solidly on his feet, and heads straight for Douven Stahl. One of the undead dogs snaps at him as he passes, but he escapes unscathed. The halfling also swipes at Nuriel with a sword as he runs by, giving the invoker a minor cut with no serious consequence.
  • Nuriel reaches out with arcane might, and attempts to shield Douven as best he can from the crushing, shifting debris.
  • Having helped Galanthal make short work of the men-at-arms, Sten joins the rescue effort. He shouts forth an arcane note so powerful that it shifts some of the rock and dirt aside.
  • Galanthal puts down the enemy halfling with his longbow.
  • The undead ogre, seeing Nuriel so near him at the bottom of the excavation, climbs back down the embankment and swings at the deva with a large oaken branch. It connects with a solid hit, and Nuriel goes down.
  • Galanthal takes out the robed figure with a few arrows to the eyes.
  • Sten sings a song of healing, soothing Nuriel’s battered body and bringing him back from the very brink of death.
  • Gertrude faces off against one of the rage drakes and one of the undead dogs, while Amarth tries to deal with the other drake.
  • Ignoring the fallen invoker, the undead ogre heads straight for Amarth. As he passes, a revived Nuriel strikes out with his mace. He hits the creature, but it continues its march towards the warlock.
  • Judging that Bahamut would rather he save Douven than exact vengeance upon the ogre zombie, Nuriel returns to his efforts to free the scholar. His attempts to clear away the rock and debris, however, are not fully successful.
  • Sten again uses the power of his song to help his mentor, and is able to uncover Douven’s hand.
  • Gertrude has slain the last dog, and turns to face the nearest rage drake. Amarth is caught between the other drake and the ogre zombie.
  • Galanthal rushes to the assistance of Amarth, and the undead ogre soon falls beneath his arrows.
  • Sten and Nuriel manage to finally free Douven’s face.
  • As Gertrude and Amarth battle the rage drakes, the corpse of the ogre stirs and then rises once more to blasphemous unlife.
  • Nuriel advances upon the foul beast, and assists Galanthal in finally putting the corrupt creature down for good.
  • The invoker determines that Douven Stahl still lives, but he cannot pull him from the debris pile. The scholar seems to be stuck.
  • Gertrude and Amarth finally succeed in slaying the rage drakes.
  • After a long and hard-fought battle, the companions are victorious.



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