The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-9: Conflagration

The roof, the roof, the roof is on fire...

Adventuring Party (Level 3)
Nuriel: Deva Invoker of Bahamut
Galanthal: Elven Ranger/Cleric of Pelor
Amarth: Human Paladin/Fey-Pact Warlock
Sten: Gnome Bard
Gertrude: Goliath Battlemind
Nexis: Warforged Swordmage

  • Gertrude searches the body of the hobgoblin commander, and finds his helmet and cloak.
  • Sten and Amarth examine both items.
  • Sten recognizes the cloak as a cloak of resistance, which will help the wearer resist all type of injury, but neither he or Amarth can identify the helmet. It is plated in silver, with a gold-plated visor. The visor features elegant filagree.
  • Gertrude cuts off head of commander, impales on his spear and plants it in the ground.
  • Nuriel begins to dig grave for Clive family.
  • Gertrude attempts to impale the head of the second hobgoblin on its flail, without much success.
  • Sten contemplates why hobgoblins would be disguised as zombies.
  • Gertrude goes upstairs and investigates the second bedroom—she finds three beds, as well as backpacks filled with items suitable for traveling across country.
  • Sten enters the second bedroom as well, determines that the room contains no gold or books, and leaves.
  • Gertrude proposes checking out the attic.
  • Gertrude pushes open the trap door to the attic. Very dim light, as if from sunlight coming in through a distant window, fails to illuminate much that is in the attic. A musty smell emanates from the trap door.
  • Gertrude places Sten upon her shoulders, and begins climbing into the attic.
  • As Sten’s head and shoulders clear the edge of the trap door, he can see that the attic is filled with stacks of personal items—old clothes, boxes, packages, fabric. A narrow pathway runs the length of the house, and a shorter one the width. Otherwise, the attic is completely filled with odds-and-ends.
  • Sten steps into the pathway. At the near end is a pile of old clothes. At the far end, sunlight just barely penetrates a large, dusty, octagonal window. Seated cross-legged on an old trunk in front of the window, with its elbows on its knees and its head bowed, is a wizened and desiccated corpse dressed in fine clothing.
  • Sten doesn’t know whether or not the corpse is undead, but he knows from his studies that if it is, it is probably a more intelligent and deadly adversary than the zombies they have fought so far.
  • Gertrude pushes past Sten into the pathway. When she sees the corpse, she yells down to the others, telling them what she and Sten have found. She then steps forward to approach the corpse.
  • Gertrude’s foot catches on a wire stretched across the pathway at ankle-height. There is a sharp “snick,” and a fiery explosion bursts out of the stack of material to one side. Gertrude manages to avoid most of the blast, but the odds-and-ends behind her are caught in the explosion, and erupt into flames. The area immediately around the fire fills with smoke.
  • The corpse on the trunk stirs, raises its head, and says “Why have you disturbed our rest? Have you come to die?” Gertrude answers “Who’s us? How many of you are there?” The corpse responds “Why do you think there needs to be more than just me?” It raises its hands, and orange lightening leaps out at Gertrude.
  • The mass of clothes at the end of the pathway bursts apart as a sickly gray creature with dirty blond hair rises from concealment within the pile. It is dressed in the leather armor of the Fallcrest watch, wields a dagger. It has large teeth in its slavering mouth and a ravenous look in its dead eyes.
  • Sten recognizes this creature as a type of ghoul—what the relevant authorities refer to as a “ghoul fleshseeker.” The monster steps forward and strikes at Sten with the sharp claws of one hand.
  • A sound from the short pathway running the width of the attic causes Gertrude to look to her left. A second ghoul explodes out of the boxes and packages, steps into the path, and closes with her. It claws at Gertrude, and she feels a cold paralysis creep through her muscles.
  • Sten vanishes from sight. Safely invisible, he pulls out his waterskin, opens it, and dumps the contents on the raging fire, somewhat dampening the flames. The gnome then drops to the ground to avoid the smoke, and yells down the trap door “We need more water up here!”
  • Amarth follows Gertrude up the ladder and joins the fray by moving to confront the ghoul threatening Sten.
  • Gertrude drops her waterskin to Sten, holds her breath to avoid the smoke, and tries to fight off the effects of the paralysis.
  • Nuriel proceeds up the ladder after Amarth, almost stepping on Sten, whom he cannot see. He uses his waterskin to further douse the flames. He yells down to Galanthal “Bring more water!”
  • Nuriel recognizes the ghoul fleshseekers. These creatures are devoted to Orcus, and will often attempt to sacrifice their enemies to the Prince of Undeath in the very midst of battle.
  • Galanthal heads downstairs to find the well.
  • The corpse again strikes Gertrude with orange lightening.
  • Nuriel also vanishes from sight, then moves to interpose himself between the corpse and Gertrude. He recognizes the chest in front of the corpse as the same chest which held the golden skull.
  • Both ghouls claw at Amarth and Gertrude, and then conceal themselves in the smoke of the fire.
  • Sten uses Gertrude’s waterskin to further reduce the flames. The fire is almost out.
  • Galanthal draws water from the well and heads back upstairs.
  • Gertrude bashes a hole in the roof with her shield. This clears the smoke from her immediate area, but also causes the fire to flare up and spread. Sten and Gertrude both find themselves in the midst of the flames. The smoke also advances, threatening both Nuriel and Amarth.
  • The corpse sounds a horrific roar. The hideous, supernatural aspect of its hateful visage forces Gertrude back a few feet, but Nuriel stands firm.
  • Nuriel attempts to hold his breath, to protect himself from the smoke, but he is running out of air fast.
  • Escaping the fire with only minor burns, Sten moves quickly to make his way down the ladder. When he reaches the bottom, he realizes that both bedrooms on the second floor are also on fire. He yells up the stairs “We’ve got to get out of here. The whole house is going up!”
  • Galanthal arrives at the top of the stairs carrying a bucket. He holds it out, telling Sten “Here’s the water you wanted.” Sten informs him “It’ won’t be enough…”
  • Galanthal turns, heads downstairs, mounts his horse, and begins to ride away.
  • Amarth also makes his way down the ladder and heads for the first floor.
  • As Gertrude, still caught in the flames, attempts to charge the ghoul at the far end of the pathway, she feels the claws of the other ghoul rake her shoulder. Her muscles begin to sieze up again, but she gathers all her strength to shake off the paralysis.
  • The fire spreads further, encompassing Nuriel in flames. He turns full on the malicious corpse, lashing out at his enemy with the thunder of divine judgement. The creature is hurled backward through the window, striking the ground outside with a heavy thud.
  • In addition to the burns Nuriel is suffering, he is beginning to suffocate in the smoke.
  • The ghoul at the far end of the pathway succumbs to the flames.
  • Sten and Amarth move to converge on where the corpse fell.
  • Hearing the sound of the breaking window, Galanthal turns back toward the house, heading in the same direction as the other two.
  • Gertrude strikes with her kopesh—once and then twice—deep into the body of the remaining ghoul. Her weapon and her enemy are wreathed in electricity. The ghoul falls to the floor, a burned husk.
  • Outside, the corpse rises to its feet and lashes out at Amarth with orange lightening.
  • Nuriel calls upon the favor of Bahamut. A brilliant light fills the pathway, bathing Nuriel and Gertrude in its protective glow.
  • Seeing the corpse rise, Galanthal lets two shafts fly, one after the other. Both strike the creature in the chest. It is thrown backwards to the ground and lies still.
  • Nuriel, still in the midst of the fire, seizes the chest and hurls it to Gertrude.
  • Amarth approaches the unmoving corpse, and sinks his rapier into its body. It doesn’t move.
  • Gertrude rushes full at Nuriel with the chest in her hands, pushing him backwards toward the window.
  • The flames continue to spread. By now the whole house is nearly engulfed.
  • Nuriel drops to the floor to avoid the smoke.
  • Galanthal beseeches Pelor to succor Nuriel with his healing word.
  • Gertrude shoves Nuriel out the window, looks down to note where he has fallen, and then leaps to avoid his prone figure. Chest clasped in both hands, Gertrude performs a somersault in midair, and lands solidly on her feet as the house becomes a roaring inferno behind her.



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