The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 4-2: The Champion of the Raven Queen

For the honor of a grim lady...

Adventuring Party (Level 4)
Nuriel: Deva Invoker of Bahamut
Galanthal: Elven Ranger/Cleric of Pelor
Amarth: Human Paladin/Fey-Pact Warlock
Sten: Gnome Bard
Gertrude: Goliath Battlemind
Mike Surekill: Mul Knight

  • Mike Surekill and the Champion of the Raven Queen meet in single combat.
  • The Champion is powerful, but the short man easily avoids most of the blows.
  • The companions are impressed with the way Mike’s axe hums through the air, connecting time and again with the living armor of the warforged.
  • Mike attempts to merely subdue his opponent, but quickly realizes that this Champion of Lady Death is using lethal force.
  • With a mighty blow, the knight brings the mechanical warrior to its knees.
  • True to the bargain laid-out by Nim, the Champion appears ready to aid the one who has bested it.
  • The companions decide to engage in a full frontal assault on the old keep with the assistance of the Champion.
  • Nim asks if they intend to do so immediately, and they acknowledge that such is the plan.
  • The group exits the Chamber of the Raven Queen, leaves both the mausoleum and the cemetery, and follows Nim in the direction of the keep.
  • The group makes its way through the wooded hills surrounding Winterhaven. As they approach the site of the keep, they can see piles of broken stone through the trees.
  • They come to the edge of a clearing. The ruins stand in the midst of blasted ground on which nothing grows. No birds sing. No insects hum through the air. This is a place of death and devastation.
  • The adventurers examine the ground for tracks and see there has been much traffic between the edge of the clearing and the remains of the keep. They also notice that someone has opened up a path through the broken stone debris, leading into the center of the ruins.
  • Some members of the group step into the clearing and head towards the keep. When nothing unexpected happens, the others follow.
  • Examining the recently cleared path into what’s left of the stronghold, the adventurers find that it leads to stone steps descending into the ground. About 20 feet below, they can just see that the staircase ends at a stone floor.
  • The steps are covered with dried animal bones, which might be some sort of trap or alarm system.
  • Sten carefully moves the bones to the sides of the stairs, and the group descends into the earth.
  • At the bottom of the steps they find a square stone chamber with entrances on each wall and a roof supported by four slender pillars in the center of the room.
  • The companions begin to explore the room. As Nuriel passes between the pillars, the floor in the middle of the chamber collapses and he falls into a pit filled with a swarm of hungry rats!
  • Nuriel struggles to escape the pit. Mike Surekill leaps to his aid and strikes out at the vermin with his axe.
  • Together, the adventurers quickly dispatch the rats.
  • Mike finds a narrow opening at floor level in the pit. When he looks into the hole, he can see a multitude of small, beady, gleaming eyes staring back at him from 10-20 feet away. They approach no closer.
  • The party continues to explore their new surroundings. Proceeding down the hallway to the south, a couple of the companions find another chamber and are immediately attacked by two goblins with crossbows.
  • A door on the east side of the new chamber opens, and four more goblins wielding glaives join the fray.
  • As the two leading adventurers fight, three additional goblins attack their team mates in the room with the pit, emerging from the corridor to the east. The party is now engaged on two fronts.
  • One of the goblins fighting in the room with the pit wears his hair pulled back in a queue. He wears scale mail, but the exposed skin of his arms and neck is heavily tattooed.
  • The party engages the goblins in furious battle. Two of their foes flee to the east. Finally, after a hard-fought battle, the companions finally defeat their enemies.



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