Douven Staul

Eccentric historian of Fallcrest and Master of Wildthorn Manor


Douven Staul has bored everyone in Fallcrest nearly to tears at one time or another by going on (and on!) at great length about the history of the empire of Nerath, the Nentir Vale, the Sack of Fallcrest during the Bloodspear War, and any of a hundred or more other topics that only an historian cares about—and he is the only historian in town!

The house at Wildthorn Manor is full to bursting with books, scrolls, notes, and historical artifacts that Staul uses in his research, and to illustrate his stories and lectures. These items have been painstakingly collected over the years by Staul himself, and by bands of assistants he has hired to retrieve them from ruins scattered throughout the Nentir Vale.

Douven Staul

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