The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-7: House of the Dead

*Old woman
*Three gold pieces
*Old man
*Identifying the undead
*Douven Stahl
*Edward & Hilda
*Kids run into the woods
*Guertrude kills another rabbit
*Heads on stakes (adult man, teenage girl)

Episode 3-6: An Unlikely Convert

*Galanthal is on watch
*Nuriel wakes up with a start, waking Sten in the process
*Nuriel prays and tells Galanthal his dream
*Galanthal and Geurtrude go hunting for breakfast
*Guertrude steps on a branch
*Galanthal hears others coming his way
*Yellow Skulls approach
*Battle with the Yellow Skulls (Captain: Harst, Good: Alec)
*Nuriel and Sten hear Guertrude cry out, and go to investigate. They are unable to locate the battle.
*Lone surviving Yellow-skull surrenders
*Guertrude loots 24 copper chisels of Hammerfast and a dagger from the leader
*Galanthal hears Nuriel, Sten and Amarth approaching, and sends Guertrude back to camp.
*Guertrude berates the captured bandit
*Alec the Yellow Skull bandit
*Serves the Lords of the Skulls
*The Skulls have been lost
*The bandits are to retrieve the skulls and return them to Vanamere’s Tower
*Nuriel proseltysizes the bandit about the justice of Bahamut
*The bandit chooses to become a follower of Bahamut
*Sten bluffs the bandit into believing he is a follower of Bahamut
*Galanthal returns with a half-carcass of a deer
*Galanthal gives 5gp and the remainder of the deer meat to Alec, Guertrude gives him 24cp and the dagger from the bandit captain
*Alec departs for Fallcrest with a message for Lord Markelhay
*The party heads west down the King’s Road, in pursuit of the undead horde

Episode 3-3: The Dead and the Undead
Sometimes your best hope is a clean death
  • Massacre on the King’s Road
  • Bandit camp attacked by zombies
  • Pursuing the dead to the Cloak Wood
  • Zombies in the undergrowth
  • Negotiating the traps in the forest (deadfall, spiked log)
  • Galanthal falls into a spiked pit
  • Spears rain down on the party
Episode 3-1: A Strange Transaction
Some treasures are far too dangerous
  • The group finds the portcullis of the Wizard’s Gate closed for the night when they arrive at Fallcrest.
  • The man-at-arms Segar Hoggsette hails them, and upon hearing the story, calls for his superior officer, Corporal Farnsworth Coppersmith.
  • Corporal Coppersmith orders the portcullis to be raised, and allows the wagon train to enter the town.
  • Upon passing through the gate, Traevus asks to speak privately with Corporal Coppersmith.
  • When they return, the corporal thanks the party for protecting Traevus, but demands to take custody of the “item” the party recovered for him. Traevus has reported that possession of the item is a matter of some dispute, and the corporal intends to submit the issue to Sargent Muergeddin when he arrives in the morning.
  • Gloria claims the skull belongs to Douven Stahl, but this just seems to make the corporal more determined to let the sargent sort it out.
  • Dorin refuses to leave the skull with the corporal, but agrees to stay at the gatehouse with Traevus and Cordivae until they can speak with the sargent in the morning.
  • Traevus give money to the rest of the party to board the horses and park the wagons at Fallcrest Stables until the next day.
  • Nuriel and Amarth make their way to the Silver Unicorn, where they find Wisara Osterman already up and ready for the day. She beds them down in a couple of rooms, and they collapse into an exhausted sleep.
  • Gloria returns to Wildthorn Manor. The guard at the Knight’s Gate refuses to raise the portcullis to let her out of town, so she just fey steps through, and continues on her way.
  • At Wildthorn Maner, Gloria looks in the library for Douven Stahl, but the room is empty so early in the morning. Lucinda “Lucy” Lanegan, the house-mistress of the manor, comes downstairs to see who is moving around, and is overjoyed to see Gloria. She makes tea, askes about her adventures, and also inquires as to whether or not Gloria has given any thought to the party she is planning to throw later in the week.
  • Sunbeam
  • Tressa (The Silver Unicorn)
  • Amarth offers to do a service for the temple of Sehanine
Episode 2-18: The Moon Witch's Child
Some family matters are best left in the dark...
  • Mysteriously and disturbingly, Galanthal does not return to the group.
  • As the road winds between two forested hills, the party sees the naked figure of a woman on the ground near the edge of the trees.
  • The woman cries out for help, and wails that “they” have taken her child.
  • As the adventurers question the woman from their wagon, she becomes more and more aggressive in her pleas for help.
  • When challenged in one of her statements by Amarth, she stares with a merciless gaze, and says “You are as cold as the stars.”
  • A tentacle reaches down out of the night air, and lifts Gloria off the ground.
  • The group battles the woman and her “Child”—a bizarre monstrosity of beak, leathery wings and tentacles, which floats above the battle. The creature seizes its opponents, moves some distance, and then drops them to the ground.
  • In the midst of the combat, Releshalk appears—riding his rage drake and advancing on the party the spitting drakes in his train.
  • Confronting Gloria, who has been dropped beneath the trees, Releshalk demands that she throw down the Fey Slayer, or he will slaughter the companions with the aid of the Moon Witch and her Child.
  • Begrudgingly, Gloria complies—throwing down the enchanted weapon.
  • Releshalk leaps to the ground, seizes the Fey Slayer.
  • Now that they don’t have to worry about Releshalk, the party makes quick work of the Moon Witch and her weird ally—the woman falls as she attempts to flee, and the Child is slain and crashes to the ground among the trees.
  • Releshalk says “Thank you. You have done me a great favor. She was a dangerous friend.” He spurs the rage drake, and quickly rides away, calling the spitting drakes after him.
  • Tired and wounded, the party makes its way to the gates of Fallcrest without further incident.
  • Still, Galanthal does not appear.
Episode 2-17: Master of the Walking Dead
Death is but the beginning of servitude...
  • The party engages Marileth in battle
  • The eyes of the skull glow bright orange, and the bodies of Traevus’ hirelings, as well as the skeletons they previously destroyed, rise up to attack the adventurers
  • A skeleton and the zombie of a bugbear stand up from the tall prairie grass, and move to the attack as well
  • Marileth returns to trying to break through the wall of flame, but must focus on the battle as his servants begin to fall.
  • He taunts the party “You shall replace the undead you have destroyed, by rising from death to serve me yourselves.”
  • Marileth’s threats are empty, as the party quickly brings him down. The golden skull rolls a couple of feet away from his outstretched hand, and lays with the glowing orange eye-sockets staring upwards.
  • Dorin notices that the red flames form a ring around the top of the hill, and that a body lies within.
  • Dorin walks over and picks up the skull. The eye-sockets go dark, and he places the object in his pack.
  • The party finishes-off the rest of Marileth’s undead servents.
  • Gloria examines the red flames at the top of the hill. She determines that they are infernal in nature, and senses a great power trying to break-through into the mortal world.
  • Nuriel prays for the assistance of Bahaumet in quelling the hellish fire.
  • The flames subside, and Gloria enters the ring to find the body of a dwarf with shaggy black hair lying face down. She discovers that it is Traveus, and that he is still alive, but unconscious.
  • She begins to drag Traveus out of the circle. He wakes up and asks if this is what he is paying her for.
  • The party questions Traevus. He is not very forthcoming, revealing only that he knew Marileth a long time ago, in Fallcrest. He claims to have known Marileth’s family, and to have given the young man a job, but Marileth betrayed him, stole from him, and ran away. He says Marileth was always more interested in skulking around graveyards and stealing bodies than working.
  • The party returns to Traveus the box he sent them to retrieve, but filled with alchemical equipment. He obviously knows something is wrong. He says nothing, but only looks at the members of the party suspiciously.
  • Dorin pulls out the golden skull. Traveus becomes exceedingly agitated, and insists that they must give it to him at once. When they ask to know what he is doing with it, he claims he is taking it to "a fine upstanding gentleman in Fallcrest named Armos Kamroth—for “proper disposal.”
  • Dorin insists that both he and Traveus will decide how to dispose of the skull. Traveus tells the party, with all sincerity, that they don’t know what they are dealing with.
  • Galanthal goes off to find the horses.
  • Gloria searches Marileth’s body, and finds his bone-staff. She breaks-it in two.
  • Gloria begins burying the slain wagoneers. Dorin pushes all three bodies into one grave, and covers them with dirt. Gloria makes grave markers out of the broken side-boards of one of the wagons.
  • Dorin works to repair the one wagon that was turned on its side.
  • Galanthal returns with the horses. The party elects to push on towards Fallcrest, even though this will mean traveling at night.
  • Gloria climbs into the back of one of the wagons to rest.
  • As the group travels north, Galanthal regales them with tales of the Dark Drake of the Moon Hills and its black brood, rising up from their underground lairs like black oil from underground, and rending unwary travelers to bits.
  • Traveus, who is riding with Dorin, asks if he is a priest of Moradin, which Dorin acknowleges. Traveus asks if he believes the stories about people selling their souls to devils, and inquires as to what happens if a mortal breaks such a contract.
  • Dorin pushes Traveus off the wagon when the latter asks to know more about Moradin, and inquires “What good is he?”
  • As the sun sets, the party travels on into the night. Galanthal entertains his companions with tales of his adventures across the Nentir Vale. This includes an intriguing story about the tree-choked ruins of an ancient city the ranger once saw from a distance in the Moon Hills, along the remains of an ancient and long-unused highway, about a day’s ride south of Fallcrest. Despite his curiosity, Galanthal had urgent business a great distance away, and so had to ride on. He longs to return, and learn more about the ancient ruins.
  • Soon the moons rises. Gloria emerges from her trance, and gives Cordivae her place, so he can get some rest as well.
  • Galanthal begins to get the feeling the party is being followed. Dorin lights a sunrod, and Galanthal drops back behind the group. He senses that whoever is following them is further back yet, and that as he drops behind, they fade away behind one of the hills.
Episode 2-16: Horror In the Twisting Halls
It's easy to kill the living...
  • The party retrieves an heavey, enchanted flail from Vardaal’s corpse
  • Gloria identifies the weapon as “The Fey Slayer,” a fell and legendary treasure from the ancient goblin empire in the land of Faerie
  • Releshalk tries to convince Gloria that the flail is of little value, and that she should give it to him
  • When Gloria refuses, Releshalk leaves with his spitting drakes, taking with him the magical greataxe lent to him by the party prior to the battle
  • The adventurers let Releshalk go, and proceed with their investigation of the ancient temple
  • They return to the room with the chessboard, and from their to the room where they battled the ooze and the shape-shifter
  • Entering this chamber, the party discovers an alter and statue dedicated to Baphomet, the demon lord worshiped by some minotaurs
  • Two or three zombies hid within the ancient shrine to Baphomet. The party slays them, and then enters into Marileth’s inner sanctum, and alchemical laboratory.
  • A large zombie engages the party as soon as they enter the room. A small zombie scuttles across the ceiling.
  • When the small zombie reaches Dorin, it looks down, and the party stares straight into the undead face of Kep.
  • In renewed grief at the loss of their friend, the adventurers return him and the larger zombie to the peace of true death.
  • The party finds Traevus’ open chest on one of the tables in the laboratory. It is open and empty—there is no sign of whatever might have been inside.
  • The group also finds a great deal of valuable alchemical equipment. Nuriel conjures a magical disk to carry their spoils. This disk floats behind him as they proceed through the complex.
  • Further exploration reveals a supply room with a few usable items.
  • Some of the adventurers return to the room with the teleportation circle. Gloria investigates the circle more deeply, and sees a vision of a crowded market place in what appears to be a spacious underground chamber. As she watches, the large bronze walking statue of a minotaur makes its way through a crowd which is mostly human, but which also includes some demihumans and humanoids.
  • Amarth recognizes the walking statue in Gloria’s description as one of the Bronze Warders of Saruun Khel, the ancient, runined minotaur city beneath Thunderspire Mountain. It is said that a group of mages have reclaimed a part of the city in recent years, and have turned it into an important hub of cross-civilizational trade.
  • Gloria is concerned Marileth has gone through the teleportation circle, and will return. She mars the arcane design, destroying its magic.
  • Some of the members of the party stop to refresh themselves at the fonts of magical water near the entrance to the Twisting Halls.
  • The group then returns to where they left Traevus and the wagons.
  • As they approach the location of the wagon train, they see smoke and fire upon one of the hills.
  • Reaching the wagons, they are greeted with devastation. One of the wagons is turned on-edge. Another has rolled, or been pushed to the bottom of a hill. There are dead bodies among the wagons, including the smashed remains of a couple of skeletons.
  • Traveus’ campfire has been scattered in the course of the battle. The areas surrounding the wagons is smoldering and burned. A couple of nearby patches of prairie grass are still on fire.
  • The hilltop opposite where Traevus had made camp is also burning. These flames are a darker red than the prairie fire, and smell of brimstone.
  • A figure dressed in black robes sits before the red flames. His back is to the adventurers, and he holds some sort of golden orb aloft, as he chants a ritual.
  • Nuriel can tell that the enchanter is trying to break through some sort of barrier.
  • Dorin charges through the devastated camp, and straight up the opposite hill, towards the figure robed in black.
  • The figure stands up, turns around, and hold the golden orb aloft in one hand, while reaching out towards the party with the other. The adventurers can see that orb is really a golden skull. They eye sockets glow brightly with a virulent orange light.
  • “Fools!,” shouts Marileth. “You should have allowed my servants to slay you and devour you. Now you shall suffer a fate worse than you can possibly imagine!.”

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