The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 1-6: Blades of the Bloodreavers, Part 1

Elements of discord...

While Cordivae cleans his soiled breeches in the river cave, the other members of the party attempt to interrogate the goblin prisoner, who has thrown himself upon the mercy of Kep, yammering at the bard fearfully in Goblin. The hapless creature reveals that he is a member of the Dark Claw Clan.

As Kep, Galanthal and Erick try to decide what to do with the captured enemy, the angel of fire—who still stands blocking the goblin’s retreat—turns to Nuriel and proclaims “My time here is done, Invoker of Bahamut. Call upon me, if ever you require my assistance in the future.” He vanishes from the chamber in a burst of flame.

Kep immediately looks to the goblin, who is now frightened nearly out of his wits. The creature shows no sign of attempting escape, even though the path to the door is now open.

As the rest of the party stares at the spot where the angel disappeared, Cordivae returns from the river at a dead run, charging the prisoner, with his warhammer held ready to strike.

Realizing Cordivae intends to slay the captive—who is still on his knees before Kep, pleading for mercy—Galanthal deftly fires an arrow between the legs of the dwarf, causing him to stumble over the flying shaft. This disrupts Cordivae’s aim, and he misses the flinching goblin.

Nuriel, taken aback that a member of his party would attempt to murder a helpless prisoner, strikes the warrior down with an orb of light, crying out “No. We shall do justice to our captives!.”

Cordivae falls, gravely wounded and unconscious, at the feet of Kep and the goblin.



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