The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 1-7: Blades of the Bloodreavers, Part 2

Enemies without. Enemies within?

The group completes the interrogation of Strink. Gloria threatens him with the “twisted bones” spell, if he does not protect the village of Harken. Strink agrees out of terror at what might happen to him if he does not…

Kep begins to sing, and the party hears the howl of a great wolf from farther within the complex.

The companions move on down the corridors, where they are ambushed by four hobgoblin warriors and two grey wolves. They slay their assailants, and then proceed to the next room, where they battle Krax, the hobgoblin warcaster, and a dire wolf. Krax attempts to push the adventurers into a pit in front of the statue of an unidentified demon with the head and right arm broken off.

The room contains a brass double door in the south wall. On each door is the bass-relief of a skull with eye sockets that glow pale blue. Engraved in the stone above the door are several lines written in Common, but spelled with the Abyssal script. Gloria translates the words:

We pay the price
Count not the cost
For he who rules
In Everlost

Put One Archfiend

When Nuriel attempts to open the door, lightning springs from the eye sockets of both skulls, flinging him across the room. Kep attempts to disarm the trap, ultimately failing, and barely avoids electrocution on two of occasions.

The party discerns that the last line of the engraving may be an anagram, and is eventually able to decipher it as:

“Prince of Undeath”

When Nuriel speaks these words, the blue glow in the eyes of the skulls fades, and the bolt securing the portal audibly slides aside.



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