The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 3-1: A Strange Transaction

Some treasures are far too dangerous

  • The group finds the portcullis of the Wizard’s Gate closed for the night when they arrive at Fallcrest.
  • The man-at-arms Segar Hoggsette hails them, and upon hearing the story, calls for his superior officer, Corporal Farnsworth Coppersmith.
  • Corporal Coppersmith orders the portcullis to be raised, and allows the wagon train to enter the town.
  • Upon passing through the gate, Traevus asks to speak privately with Corporal Coppersmith.
  • When they return, the corporal thanks the party for protecting Traevus, but demands to take custody of the “item” the party recovered for him. Traevus has reported that possession of the item is a matter of some dispute, and the corporal intends to submit the issue to Sargent Muergeddin when he arrives in the morning.
  • Gloria claims the skull belongs to Douven Stahl, but this just seems to make the corporal more determined to let the sargent sort it out.
  • Dorin refuses to leave the skull with the corporal, but agrees to stay at the gatehouse with Traevus and Cordivae until they can speak with the sargent in the morning.
  • Traevus give money to the rest of the party to board the horses and park the wagons at Fallcrest Stables until the next day.
  • Nuriel and Amarth make their way to the Silver Unicorn, where they find Wisara Osterman already up and ready for the day. She beds them down in a couple of rooms, and they collapse into an exhausted sleep.
  • Gloria returns to Wildthorn Manor. The guard at the Knight’s Gate refuses to raise the portcullis to let her out of town, so she just fey steps through, and continues on her way.
  • At Wildthorn Maner, Gloria looks in the library for Douven Stahl, but the room is empty so early in the morning. Lucinda “Lucy” Lanegan, the house-mistress of the manor, comes downstairs to see who is moving around, and is overjoyed to see Gloria. She makes tea, askes about her adventures, and also inquires as to whether or not Gloria has given any thought to the party she is planning to throw later in the week.
  • Sunbeam
  • Tressa (The Silver Unicorn)
  • Amarth offers to do a service for the temple of Sehanine



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