The Prairie Village Campaign: 4e

Episode 1-3: The Long Forgotten Road

"Well, aside from civilization, a common defense, commerce, prosperity, and decent roads, what did Nerath ever do for us?" ;)

Places, people and notable incidents:

Halfmoon Trading House

Selarund Halfmoon (proprietor of the Halfmoon Trading House)


Manager of Wildthorn Manor



“howler monkeys”


Cordivae falls in the river and hits his head on a rock while trying to “fish” with his warhammer (because the fish are “really tall.”)

Cordivae gets kicked by, and then punches, Rosebud.


Cormack Anders (Mayor of Millerville) Thinks anything further than a few miles out of town is a world away. Insists on referring to Fallcrest as “Drophaven.”

Bethilda Anders (wife of Cormack Anders—like everyone else, she just calls him “Anders” most of the time)

Chester Anders the Millwright (Great-grandfather of Cormack Anders; designed and built the village mill)

Nanny of guard in Harken Village (knows the story of the Bandit King of Harken; may have dated Old Kellar in her youth, but broke up with him because he is “too pious.”)

Aunt Nonnie’s Place (best tavern in Harken Village)

Aunt Nonnie (proprietor of Aunt Nonnie’s Place)

Varrow Dell (farmer; attacked by bandits-currently under the care of Doctor Phila Nickle in Harken Village)

Doctor Phila Nickle (healer of Harken Village)



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